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Smart College Visit, Inc. and Handshake Media, Incorporated are VT KnowledgeWorks member companies. Jim Gray is a member of Presidents' Council, the leadership program at VT KnowledgeWorks. A version of this post first appeared on Handshake 2.0.

Kelsey Sarles designed the mobile app Thought Full(TM) – an app to remember, Jim Gray developed it, and Handshake Media produced it. Smart College Visit kindly featured a post by Kelsey Sarles about Thought Full on the Smart College Visit Blog.

An excerpt from An App for College-bound Students to Remember by Kelsey Sarles on SmartCollegeVisit:

You're 17 going on 18. You can't wait to get out of high school. You're over the drama, the cliques, having to ask permission to go to the bathroom, the cafeteria with its plastic cutlery. You're an adult now. You're ready for sweet, sweet freedom. You're ready for college!

Planning college visits with Thought FullDid you remember to…

  • Meet with your guidance counselor?
  • Study for the SATs?
  • Sign-up for financial aid?
  • Plan your college visits!
  • Submit your college applications?

Whether you've realized it yet or not, all this new found freedom comes with a price. Yes, the plus side is that you no longer have to listen to your mom nagging you about homework. The downside is – you have to remember to finish it yourself!

For the rest of your life, it's up to you to remember all the things you need to do. Fortunately, there's an app for that, and it's called Thought Full™.

Thought Full is designed to solve the problem we all seem to have – keeping our acts together…

To read the rest of the post, "An App for College-bound Students to Remember," please visit SmartCollegeVisit.com.

You can learn more about Thought Full™ at www.thoughtfullapp.com. Thought Full is available in the iTunes App Store and is coming soon to the Android Market.

SmartCollegeVisit has apps, too! Learn more about SmartCollegeVisit's Mobile Campus Guides on SmartCollegeVisit.com.


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