Handshake 2.0 Contributes to Enterprise 2.0

“How to Adapt and Prosper in the Web 2.0 Marketspace,” a paper by Anne Giles Clelland, M.A., M.S. and Iain Clelland, Ph.D., was accepted for inclusion in volume one of the new series, Enterprise 2.0: How Technology, E-Commerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually, by Tracy Tuten, Ph.D.  The Enterprise 2.0 series is scheduled for publication by Praeger Publishers, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Company.

Tracy L. Tuten, Ph.D., is the author of Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World, from Praeger, 2008.  An Associate Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at East Carolina University, Tuten teaches marketing research and advertising.

Anne Clelland is the founder of Handshake 2.0, an enterprise of Handshake Media, Incorporated, a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks.

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