Will I Be Picked?

LeClairRyan attorney Peer Segelke stated to me when he incorporated my VT KnowledgeWorks member company last year, "You have to separate yourself from your company."

Notice my title is “Will I be picked?” not “Will my company be picked?”

Yes, but…

According to Mr. Angel, angel investors would “rather invest in an A+ person and a B+ idea BEFORE the opposite (although we prefer all A’s, of course).”

See, Peer?  The person.

So will I be picked to be one of five companies to present a pitch to angel investors on April 2, 2009 at CVG Live Fire!?

According to the United States Small Business Administration, "Two-thirds of new employer establishments survive at least two years, 44 percent survive at least four years, and 31 percent survive at least seven years, according to a recent study.”

An e-mail from the CVG Live Fire! organizers expresses the odds:  “We have 10 companies thus far that have submitted [applications] and since we choose 5, you have a very high chance of being chosen.”

I have a 50-50 chance of getting picked?  That's "a high chance"?  A toss of a coin?

Humph.  I’d rather start a company.


It's too late for you to be picked as a company, but it's not too late for you to register to see entrepreneurial drama.

The inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2009, in Blacksburg, Virginia.

During the CVG’s LiveFire! ™ session in the afternoon of the Summit, five companies selected as pitch-worthy by the Charlottesville Venture Group (CVG), in affiliation with the Virginia Active Angels Network (VAAN), will pitch in public, answer questions in public, listen to the angel investors express pros – and cons – in public, right there in front of an auditorium full of 100 silent, scrutinizing audience members.

 "No one's feelings are spared and no question is out of line."

The auditorium only has 100 seats.  If you want to be a member of that silent, scrutinizing audience, you might want to register now.

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