Click & Pledge, Known for “A Better Way,” Launches a New Way

Click & Pledge, a member company of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks, has launched a blog.

A Better Way to Do Good, the Click & Pledge blog, offers commentary, reflections, and advice on online fundraising.

According to Click & Pledge founder Kamran Razvan, “Our decision to start a blog has a lot to do with our philosophy for product development.  Engaging users early on prior to the design stage will help in the shaping of our thought process while letting users frame the platform as they like to use it.  Blogs are an effective way of creating the community that can shape the future of our company." 

While created to provide information to those interested in online fundraising, Jim Barney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Click & Pledge, has found writing a blog to be of internal value to the company as well.

“Expressing what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it–all in 250 interesting words–requires focus,” Barney said.  “And it keeps us thinking of new ideas and researching developments in our industry.”

I've already learned some a few things from A Better Way to Do Good, the Click & Pledge blog.

For example, I didn't know Click & Pledge offered products based on open source technologies.

From Jim Barney's post on A Better Way to Do Good:  "So we’ve opened up Click & Pledge to software designers and customers to develop applications and enrich our product offerings beyond anything that our internal R & D efforts could produce."

And I found a post from Kamran Razvan exploring the concept of tribes provocative:  "We listen to music 'our' way, we read the stories that agree with 'our' worldview, and we subscribe to podcasts that further prove 'our' side of the story."

Click & Pledge adds a new perspective to an ever-expanding list of local companies and organizations who operate blogs.

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