Global Student Team Profile

As a participant in the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership Event, we would like to profile your team on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks Blog.

We would like all members of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Community to have the opportunity to “meet” you and learn about you prior to the event.

What we need from you

– A Word document that includes:

  1. The title of your business concept or company/team name
  2. A press release-style company description of 2-3 sentences, i.e. “Company/Team Name is a…”
  3. The name of your university
  4. The URL of your university. Please copy and paste URLs into the Word doc, rather than type them, to avoid errors.
  5. The URL of your university’s Facebook page.  Example:
  6. The URL of your university’s Twitter account.  Example:
  7. A list of the people in your picture – please see below.
  8. The URL of your YouTube video – please see below.

– As a separate attachment, a picture of your team members. Please list the names of the people in the picture from left to right in the Word document.

– Create a one-minute video that summarizes and defines your business concept and its value proposition (elevator pitch). Upload the video to YouTube and include the URL/link in your Word doc. (Example of two URL formats that link to the same video: or The purpose of the video is to let our global community, panel of judges, and interested regional attendees learn more about the competing teams before the Challenge.

Take a look at the 2015 Grand Prize Winner, Team Visionear’s blog post from last year for an example of what we are hoping to create for your team.

Please send your Word doc and team picture as separate attachments to Lindsey Eversole, [email protected].

Since the founding of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership Event, Inside VT KnowledgeWorks has received visits from more than 140 countries. We look forward to introducing you to VT KnowledgeWorks’s global audience!

Thank you!

Check out the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge category and the Global Partnership categories on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks!