Granny Pod Generation 2 Mission to Keep Seniors Out of Nursing Homes

Concerning the 78 million baby boomers, Dupin, a baby boomer himself, has stated regarding nursing homes, “we are not going, not now, not ever!” N2Care, known for the MEDCottage, is one more company jumping on the crowd fund raising stage.  They just launched a project with ROCKETHUB. Many families are forced to choose between letting aging parents live alone or moving them into a nursing home.  Now there’s another option that brings families closer. N2Care, who brought to market the MEDCottage in 2010, has designed MEDCottage G2 which claims to overcome many of the barriers the MEDCottage has faced. With the changing family structure and lifestyles over the past century, end-of-life care is emerging as the most pertinent concern for the 78 million baby boomers. Boomers have a particular fear of being isolated from family and institutionalized in the final stage of life. Consequently, there is a need in the market for an innovative alternative to care for the aging population unlike any current option for end-of-life care. N2Care CEO Ken Dupin stated, “Adult children need to be confronted with their obligation to their parents.”

The MEDCottage has been embraced by over 60 countries and has been featured by numerous national media. The placement of the MEDCottage has been encumbered by zoning and permitting regulations. The new design, MEDCottage Generation 2 is loaded with all the technology the public affirmed yet provides reasonable solutions to address the regulatory barriers. G2 also supports family-managed healthcare which includes the unit being temporarily placed on a caregiver’s property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, it’s a state-of-the-art rehab and recovery room with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care.

MEDCottage G2 leasing will finally open the door for insurance reimbursement, new zoning solutions and a broader customer base. Currently, the MEDCottage has been available for purchase only. When a family is making a critical decision time is of the essence. The nature of this need requires the flexibility of leasing. The MEDCottage G2 will be transported to the caregiver’s home or picked up within days of the need. This rapid response time will permit insurance companies the option for per diem billing which was never before offered. Regarding zoning, this design is a hybrid of modular construction and RV connectivity. The MEDCottage G2 will simply plug-in, much like an RV and be equipped with gray water tanks which will be serviced. Lastly, the cost of leasing the G2 will be less than 1/2 of the costs associated with a nursing home or assisted living with no large upfront buy-in, permitting wealth preservation.

For more information, contact N2Care President Susan K. Conn:
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VT KnowledgeWorks Member Company N2Care Revolutionizes Caring with MEDCottage

A version of this post by Donna Dilley originally appeared on Handshake 2.0.  N2Care, maker of MEDCottage, is a VT KnowledgeWorks member company.

Donna Dilley shares a handshake with Kenneth Dupin, founder of the MEDCottageWith the fervor of an evangelist, a revolution in caring for loved ones was introduced by Kenneth Dupin, CEO of N2Care at the Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia, on July 19, 2010.  Dupin unveiled the MEDCottage, a portable, modular, high-tech medical home designed to make it possible for families to take care of loved ones on their property as an alternative to long-term care facilities.

Inspiration for the MEDCottage came to Dupin from observing families across the globe caring for the aged in their own homes. Costing $2000.00 per month to lease, the MEDCottage could be a real solution to lower U.S. health care costs and bring families closer together.

"This is the house that sacrifice built," Dupin said. 

Many local Virginians contributed to the N2Care vision becoming a reality, according to Dupin, as he had no money to bring his concept to fruition. Dupin credits the Virginia Tech College of Engineering for their ingenuity and innovation with many of the smart technologies that the cottage possesses. He credits Cardinal Manufacturing for construction of the prototype and the work of local Virginia Assembly Delegate Morgan Griffith for the political effort that it took to pass HB 1307 "Zoning Provisions for Temporary Family Healthcare Structures" into law. The MedCottage is designed to comply with local zoning ordinances throughout the nation.

While the budding venture has positive supporters, naysayers are around. Fairfax county supervisor, Jeff McKay unaffectionately called the MedCottage "the granny pod" in a recent article in the Washington Post. But according to a poll of readers of the Washington Post, seventy percent of the readers would buy or lease the MEDCottage. That's great news as angel investors are needed to provide 3 to 5 million dollars to bring the MEDCottage to market.

You're invited to view photos of the MEDCottage unveiling by Donna Dilley on Handshake 2.0's Facebook page.

Donna Dilley is a business etiquette consultant based In Roanoke, Virginia.  She writes a business etiquette column for Valley Business FRONT.

MEDCottage from N2Care Prototype Unveiling on July 19

A version of this post originally appeared on Handshake 2.0an enterprise of Handshake Media, Incorporated.  Handshake and N2Care are VT KnowledgeWorks member companies.

MEDCottage is a temporary medical mobile home. MEDCottage was featured in The Washington Post in "Va. launching portable housing for aging relatives." The article featured a fantastic graphic of What a home next to home might look like.

No imagination will be necessary on July 19, 2010 at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia when the MEDCottage prototype is unveiled!  MEDCottage opens to the public for tours at 11:00 AM and all are invited.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 540-815-7784.

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MEDCottage is a state-of-the-art high-tech temporary mobile medical home from N2Care, LLC.

MEDCottage Featured in The Washington Post

Congratulations to N2Care a VT KnowledgeWorks member company, for being featured in The Washington Post, 5/6/10, Va. launching portable housing for aging relatives:

SALEM, VA. The Rev. Kenneth Dupin, who leads a small Methodist church here, has a vision: As America grows older, its aging adults could avoid a jarring move to the nursing home by living in small, specially equipped, temporary shelters close to relatives.

So he invented the MEDcottage, a portable high-tech dwelling that could be trucked to a family's back yard and used to shelter a loved one in need of special care…

Please read the rest of the story in The Washington Post.

MEDcottage from N2Care