Follow My Vote and WebRoots Democracy Release Secure Voting Report

WebRoots Democracy, in partnership with Follow My Vote and other industry leading experts, has released a report entitled “Secure Voting: A guide to secure #onlinevoting in elections.” The purpose of the report, which was written by global experts and authoritative academics, is to explore and document the possible security models for online voting software. “We think the use of blockchain technology could be the security breakthrough that makes online voting viable.” states Nathan Hourt, Co-Founder and CTO at Follow My Vote.

With the information provided in the report, governments around the world can now make informed decisions on how to move forward with modernizing their election processes. The Secure Voting report was preceded by the WebRoots Democracy report, Viral Voting. The following companies and people contributed to the WebRoots Democracy Secure Voting report: Follow My Vote, Verizon, Dr. Kevin Curran, Professor Robert Krimmer, Scytl, Smartmatic, Everyone Counts, Electoral Reform Services, and Mi-Voice.

“We are humbled by the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in designing secure, opensource, end-to-end verifiable online voting software on a global level,” states Adam Kaleb Ernest, Co-Founder and CEO at Follow My Vote.

See the official Follow My Vote website for more information on the Secure Voting report:

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