VTKW Global Entrepreneurship Challenge Semifinals Finalists Announced

VT KnowledgeWorks is pleased to announce the finalist teams chosen to present their business concepts at this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Challenge Semifinals, taking place on Wednesday, April 8, at 1:00 p.m. at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center, Blacksburg, Virginia.

VTKW Global Challenge Semifinals

The eight Virginia Tech student teams competing for the grand prize include:

  • Advanc3D Materials
    Nicholas A. Chartrain, Alison R. Schultz, and Justin M. Sirrine

    The development of new materials for Additive Manufacturing is required for the successful fabrication of customized orthotic inserts. Advanc3D Materials offers new photo-curable polyurethanes in order to comfortably balance strength and flexibility for each individual’s orthotic need.

  • Beyond Reality
    Ojas Mhetar and Jordan White

    A cloud based platform to host and deliver lag free, high quality virtual reality content via the Internet to the end user.

  • Calbico
    Ben Newman and Jeremy Boone

    The Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool is designed for cleaning hard to reach areas in semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Our cleaning tool cuts down on waste, provides a more thorough clean, and decreases the average cleaning time by forty percent.

  • Flow
    Kelvin Aviles, Joaquin Bur, Gabriella Jacobsen, Megan Lorey, Joselyn Martinez, and Ryan Klavan

    Flow, the modern sanitary product dispenser aimed at alleviating stress from needing emergency sanitary products. Designed with the consumer in mind, Flow will contain a higher quality product to make the dispensers profitable, and offer a better customer service.

  • Formy Interfaces
    Sky Van Iderstine, Bruce Ayliff, Walker Sensabaugh, Jared Deane, Giancarlo Di Biase, and Tyler Campbell

    Formy Interfaces is using additive manufacturing to create custom grips for hand-operated products that enable customers to personalize their most prized possessions in a way that was impossible until now.

  • Orb
    Cody Short

    Orb integrates water flavor enhancers into the lid of a reusable water bottle helping its users develop a healthier life by altering their drinking habits.

  • Ryde
    Blake Duncan and Neil Hartman

    Ryde is a mobile application that facilitates college fraternities in delivering their designated driver service.

  • XSprintCT
    Hao Gong

    A carbon-nanotube (CNT) based multi-source micro-focus computed tomography (micro-CT) is proposed for low-radiation-dose and high-quality preclinical imaging. This next-generation micro-CT technology will enable longitudinal, non-invasive, and three-dimensional small animal studies for preclinical researchers.

This year’s prizes include:

  • $10,000 – Plastics One Advanced Manufacturing Award for the outstanding tangible product
  • $10,000 – VT KnowledgeWorks Information Technology Award for the outstanding intangible product or service
  • $5,000 – An additional grand prize for one of the two teams that receive the Advanced Manufacturing Award or the Information Technology Award
  • $5,000 – People’s Choice Award sponsored by Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business

For more details about this event, visit our website at www.vtknowledgeworks.com or contact Christine Spalding at 540-443-9100 ext. 3 or via email at [email protected].

VT KnowledgeWorks wants to thank our generous sponsors of the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge Semifinals including Plastics One Inc., Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, and Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business.

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