Rural System’s New Bag ‘n’ Brag App Featured in the Roanoke Times

Rural System’s new mobile application for social hunters, Bag ‘n’ Brag, was featured in The Roanoke Times this Sunday, July 13th.

Rural System Bag 'n' Brag photoshoot with Matt Gentry Photographer Matt Gentry has Jim Schweitzer pose for a photo with the Rural System Bag ‘n’ Brag app.

Rural System founder Bob Giles, creator Risa Pesapane, technology lead Jim Schweizter, and publisher Anne Giles all became connected through the area’s local technology economy and community. Handshake Media founder Anne Giles met Jim Schweitzer of Vision Point Systems at a Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council event in 2008. Vision Point Systems has an office at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

Risa Pesapane worked with Dr. Giles on the design of the app and its user interface. Jim Schweitzer and his team at Vision Point Systems coded the working app and contributed to its design and fluidity. Bag ‘n’ Brag was then published by Handshake Media, Inc.

Rural System, Inc. and Handshake Media, Inc. are both members of VT KnowledgeWorks.

Robert “Bob” Giles is a retired Professor Emeritus from Virginia Tech. He, Risa Pesapane and Anne Giles are all alumni of Virginia Tech.

Rural System’s real goal is to build tools for the “modern, technologically advanced rural person.” The company was founded by Robert Giles, a Virginia Tech professor of 33 years.

Giles, who graduated from Tech in 1955, authored 200 scientific articles and two textbooks on wildlife management before retiring from his teaching career in 1998.

Shortly after, he said he decided to start practicing what he had been preaching for more than three decades.

A lot of nonprofit organizations have sought to improve living conditions for rural areas by encouraging residents to make better use of the natural resources they have at their fingertips, Giles said, but some of the problems these communities face go beyond that kind of work.

“We just can’t beg for it, we have to find an alternate way,” he said. “And I’m convinced significant profits are going to be the only way we can get improved natural resource management. So I’m figuring the company is a way to do it.”

Read the full Roanoke Times article here.

For information on upcoming White-tailed deer hunting seasons and regulations for Virginia and other states, visit this page.

Read more about Bag ‘n’ Brag on Rural System’s blog or visit the Bag ‘n’ Brag Facebook page.

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