THC Technologies Corp Releases a Latest Generation ODBC Connector for its VoiceVantage Platform

Voice Vantage Biometric Voice Verification TechnologiesBiometrics is, literally, “measurements of life.”
They consist of “automated methods of identifying or verifying the identity of a person based on one, or more, physiological or behavioral characteristic(s).”

Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation, a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market, today announced, “We are proud to announce our latest Product the VoiceVantage™ ODBC Connector designed for and marketed to THC’s OEM and VAR clients.

Our VoiceVantage™ ODBC Connector enables increased scalability and addresses an important security enhancement for SaaS (Software as Service) providers offering multi-data base functionality as well as security of cloud access.

Our voice verification software now implemented through VoiceVantage™ ODBC Connectivity allows client companies to increase scalability with a voice verification security application that complements and strengthens other non-biometric existing security policies.”

THC and its Partners design, deploy and support advanced voice verification solutions worldwide. THC provides the core proprietary voice verification solutions Partners deploy to secure software applications, often at military grade, for multiple international security markets such as international financial institutions, top tier multinationals, governments both national and regional as well as the international corrections industry sector.

Thomas T. Wilkerson, THC’s VP of Marketing concurred saying, “THC is the obvious choice for our Partners and clients as they address today’s secure communication challenges. Our advanced security products in combination with our Partner’s expertise offer innovative solutions positioning us to capitalize on the substantial corrections market opportunity worldwide.

Our other THC VoiceVantage Products include:

TalkDirect™: TalkDirect™ is a self-contained, stand-alone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution designed for telephony-based voice authentication.

SpeakNSet™: SpeakNSet™ is a self-contained, stand-alone secure identity confirmation solution that provides automated password reset capability for password-protected systems.

VoiceCheck™ Software Development Kit (SDK): The VoiceCheck™ SDK allows C++ developers to integrate VoiceVantage’s™ voice verification engine into an enterprise’s identity confirmation solution on Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX platforms.

VoiceCheck™ Web: The VoiceCheck™ Web enables secure identity confirmation of users in remote environments seeking access privileges via the Web/Internet.

All our VoiceVantage™ products provide the following features and benefits:

Multi-Layered Security: VoiceCheck™ technology provides two-factor authentication – something they are and something they know.

Convenient: Voice has consistently been ranked as the least intrusive and least intimidating biometric technology.

Cost-Effective: VoiceCheck™ technology integrates with most existing infrastructures and uses existing communication devices.

Language Independent: VoiceCheck™ captures the voice characteristics necessary for future voiceprint comparison, regardless of the language, gender, or accent of the user.

Multiple Platforms: By using one centralized database of voiceprints for all platforms, enterprises can leverage their investment across many communication channels, such as web and telephony.

Real-Time Enrollment: The entire enrollment procedure takes less than one minute to complete. Users can then securely gain immediate access to an enterprise’s business applications.

Low Storage Requirements: The typical user enrollment process consists of multiple renditions of a voiceprint; and the resulting storage requirement is no more than approx. 20-30 Kbytes per user.

Flexible Security Models: VoiceCheck™ technology offers adjustable security threshold settings that can be controlled and modified by an enterprise to align with the enterprise’s own security standards.

Highly Scalable Server Platform: The VoiceVantage™ software is highly scalable via conventional industry standard relational databases. VoiceCheck™ is compatible with ODBC compliant databases.

Organizations in public education, financial services, healthcare, government and many other industries, maximize performance and provide investment protection because THC and our partners deliver complete best-of-breed voice authentication solutions. We focus on designing, developing and deploying voice solutions with our partners sharing the common goal to create best-of-breed hardware and software configurations on which to deploy their industry specific solutions.”

Safe Harbor Statement: As provided by the “Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Security Litigation Reform Act of 1995,” THC Technologies Corporation (THC) cautions the reader that this release includes certain information that may constitute forward-looking statements. Actual events or results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.

For more information contact:
Frances Lynch, CEO
THC Technologies Corporation
540-443-9290 extension 3
[email protected]

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