VTKW Global Student Business Concept Challenge – News from Sauna Savu

Sauna Savu from the Aalto University School in Finland competed in the 2010 VT KnowledgeWorks Global Student Business Concept Challenge.

Otso Virtanen sent Jim Flowers, executive director of VT KnowledgeWorks, the latest news from Sauna Savu:

In the autumn of 2010 after the Global Student Business Concept Challenge, we received funding for doing the basic work to get the business running. After that we worked both to find the best partners for sales and marketing and to plan our launch this spring.

We are just now doing our spring deliveries and organizing spring events, such as a sauna for a major marketing event in Helsinki Marina Congress Center and a Sauna for Billnäs – a great historic milieu and resort for this summer. Aside we have also planned a collection of another three small houses and we hope we can start a development project with those also as soon as possible.

Last week we got governmental funding for doing complete Go-To-Market plan for our business with our partner Boost Brothers.

So we are fully fuelled with MOXIE and eager to move on! And say our thanks to everyone who organized the great Global Challenge event last autumn. It was great fun but also honestly very beneficial.

– Otso

Sauna Savu – Savu Oy (Savu Ltd) is a Finnish-designed Sauna available to international markets.  Sauna Savu, a modular Finnish sauna, is a sensitive mixture of Finnish vernacular architecture and Scandinavian contemporary design.

Sauna Savu, an entry in the VTKW Global Student Challenge

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