Portaqua: Come for Water – Ven Por Agua

From Portaqua, a VT KnowledgeWorks company:

“Ven Por Agua” – “Come for Water”- is the simple slogan FEMSA Foundation is using in its effort to provide clean, safe drinking water to populations impacted by natural disasters.  The effort is part of the quality of life focus FEMSA Foundation brings to communities in Central and South America. 

Portaqua - Come for Water - Ven Por Agua Portaqua is proud to be the manufacturer selected for this worthy endeavor.  The vehicle Portaqua manufactured provides the most advanced water purification system capable of supplying safe drinking water from many sources, including brackish water (sea water/fresh mix), surface water that may be contaminated with hydrocarbon and herbicides, and water containing high levels of solids.  The system provides on-board water distribution to provide the water purified by the system to individuals effected by a disaster.  Not only can the vehicle bottle the water in traditional five gallon containers, but also in Portaqua’s unique Bagua™ water storage device. The Bagua™ stores flat like a zip bag but, when filled with water, becomes a transportable, sanitary water bucket.  In addition to safe, clean, water the system provides ice that is bagged on board for distribution to the effected community.

In addition to supplying purified drinking water and ice, this unique vehicle also provides a broad range of support to a community including housing for personnel responding to the relief effort and support for emergency facilities such as hospitals and medical services.  The system includes a complete laboratory area for testing and monitoring water quality.  For support personnel, the system includes an air-conditioned living area, including a bedroom for four persons, kitchen, and bathroom including a shower.  By providing a complete living area, a laboratory and production facilities, the vehicle enables personnel operating the plant to perform their jobs at the highest level.

The on-board fuel storage and generator provide up to five days of uninterrupted service.  The Portaqua system is fully controlled by the AquaFlex™ control logic system developed by Portaqua and provides full web-based connectivity for remote monitoring and support.

The objectives met by this state of the art vehicle are outlined on the FEMSA foundation web page:

  1. Develop a model of a functional vehicle that can be replicated in the future in other zones of Latin America
  2. Seek the support of other organizations that contribute with their knowledge to guarantee the total effectiveness of the vehicle
  3. Support the immediate response of the authorities which concern water and health services to the communities of Mexico that go through a natural disaster

FEMSA Foundation is a foundation established by FEMSA, the largest beverage company in Latin America and the second largest Coca Cola bottler in the world. In January 2010, Heineken International acquired the beer operation of FEMSA in a stock swap resulting in FEMSA being one of the largest shareholders of Heineken, just after the Heineken family. with 20% of the shares. In 2008 FEMSA created the FEMSA Foundation as an instrument of social investment in education, technology and sustainable use of water.

Portaqua, LLC is located at VT KnowledgeWorks in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA with manufacturing in Puebla, Mexico. The company sells packaged purifications systems for small communities in rural underserved regions and highly mobile emergency water purifications plants for use in response to natural disasters.  You're invited to read more about Portaqua on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks.


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