New Hampshire Fiber to Home Network to be Built by Design Nine

Andrew Cohill, President of Design Nine

Andrew Cohill, President of Design Nine and founder of VT KnowledgeWorks member company Web Villages, announced that FastRoads LLC has selected Design Nine to manage the build out of the FastRoads fiber to the home project that is being funded by a U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA ARRA broadband stimulus award.  FastRoads LLC is owned by the nonprofit Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, and represents 43 towns in west and west-central New Hampshire.  The funding will make fiber to the business and fiber to the home available in Enfield and Rindge, New Hampshire and twenty other towns along a one hundred mile north-south route.  The FastRoads service territory covers about a quarter of the state. 

Design Nine developed the stimulus proposal submitted by FastRoads, and also designed the financial planning and network architecture needed for the grant proposal.  Cohill noted that his firm will manage the entire network build out, which will include equipment evaluation and selection, coordination of engineering and construction activities, testing of the network, installation of network management and monitoring software, and design of management and operations of the network. 

Design Nine’s high performance design will provide 100 megabit, Gigabit, and 10Gigabit fiber connections anywhere a FastRoads customer requests them.  The FastRoads vision is “Live anywhere, work anywhere,” which requires a network capable of delivering business class services anywhere in the entire region.

Andrew Cohill was quoted in Bandwidth boost in The Roanoke Times. A free copy of Andrew Cohill's white paper, Broadband For America: The Third Way, is available for download here.  

To learn more, you're invited to read the Design Nine blog, Design Nine Technology Futures, follow Design Nine on Twitter @DesignNine, and read about Design Nine's founder, Andrew Cohill, on Handshake 2.0 in Clicking Back Over the Years – Most Wired Town in America and Most Wired Town: Building Community One Click at a Time.  Design Nine announced The Wired Road – Integrated Fiber and Wireless Municipal Network.


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