Tech Marketing Research from IDG

Excerpts from Tech Marketers Want To See ROI For Their Media Spend:

A new global research initiative by IDG Research Services to gain insight into tech marketers' marketing/media spending plans and priorities for 2011 finds that 63% of marketing decision makers report a modest increase in media spending from 2010 to 2011. 6% expect a significant increase and only 10% report any contraction in spending in 2011. Global decision makers are significantly more likely to forecast an increase in spending than those with regional or local responsibilities.

39% of the respondents noted that their scope of decision making is global, covering multiple countries in more than one region, 31% have regional responsibilities, with involvement in multiple countries within a single region, and 30% have a local, single country focus. Annual media spending averages $6M (USD) among tech vendors surveyed and $10M (USD) among participating agencies.

According to the report, spending increases will be seen primarily in digital channels, with average allocations of 49% in 2010 and 52% in 2011. Print spending drops slightly as a share of overall dollars invested in 2011 (from an average of 18% to 16% in 2011) while spending on events and broadcast is expected to be flat…

Marketers most often look to ROI, audience composition, data targeting capabilities, and audience reach when evaluating media channels, programs or partners for investment. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5= critical, these attributes earned average scores of 4.3 or higher, with nine out of ten marketing decision makers rating them critical or very important factors in the decision making process.


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