Handshake Media Announces New Handshake(TM) App for iPhone

From Handshake Media, Incorporated, a VT KnowledgeWorks member company. Rackspace is a VT KnowledgeWorks sponsor.

We're delighted to announce our latest Handshake (TM) App.  The Coldwell Banker Townside App, first released for the Android, is now available for the iPhone.

Here's our current portfolio of Handshake(TM) Apps.  The Handshake(TM) App runs on a Rackspace Cloud server.

Handshake 2.0 Handshake(TM) App for the Android
Handshake 2.0 Handshake(TM) App for the iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Virgina Handshake(TM) App for the Android
Coldwell Banker, Townside REALTORS(R) App for the Android
Coldwell Banker, Townside REALTORS(R) App for the iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad

And here's an excerpt from our announcement on Handshake 2.0 about the Coldwell Banker Townside App:

Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) launched a mobile application for the Android in September.  The Coldwell Banker Townside app is now available for the iPhone on the iTunes App Store.  The app is also compatible with the iPod touch and the iPad.

Coldwell Banker Townside REALTORS(R) App

The Coldwell Banker Townside app features the Coldwell Banker Townside real estate agents – their photos, bios, and contact information ranging from phone numbers to LinkedIn profiles to Twitter accounts – and their real estate listings. Many constituencies use the Coldwell Banker Townside app, foremost among them individuals seeking real estate agents to help them find a property, and agents seeking contact with other agents on behalf of their clients.

Available on the App Store

Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) has offices in the New River Valley and the Roanoke Valley of Virginia.  With five universities in the locale served by Coldwell Banker Townside, instructors, researchers and students from all over the world seeking real estate in the area can use the app to match people with places – agents with their listings – rather than simply use the listings search of current real estate app offerings. 

Coldwell Banker Townside wanted to expand the value of the app to the user from its first release.  Anticipating that the user might want access to all the listings in the area and access to all of Coldwell Banker’s listings in addition to area-specific search, they added an About tab and page that provides exactly those features.  The user’s experience with the Coldwell Banker Townside app is true to Coldwell Banker's tagline:  "Anytime, anywhere."

Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0.


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