Announcing Heyo, a New Social Planning Mobile App

Heyo Inc. was founded with seed funding from DayOne Ventures.  DayOne Ventures is housed at VT KnowledgeWorks.

From Frederick Cook, Co-founder, Heyo Inc.:

Heyo, Inc. today announced the release of its new mobile application for download on the iPhone™ and Android™ that lets users create social plans while also sharing their future location information with friends.

Heyo, the social planning app.  What's in your future? Currently in the social media market, popular event sites provide tools for one person to invite many people to an event.  But these tools fall short when it comes to an individual or a small group informally deciding where to hang out for an evening.

 “With Heyo, the act of making plans is fun and collaborative. No formal invitations. Just a simple, constantly updated list on your phone that lets you know where your friends will be in the future,” says Frederick Cook, co-founder of Heyo, a new start-up based in Blacksburg, Virginia.

By making it simple to collaboratively formulate plans, Heyo (pronounced “hey-yo”) provides a window into the future of where your friends plan to be. Early product testing showed that seeing information on a friend’s whereabouts enriches the real-world experience of an event with more collaborative planning and more friends taking part. 

“The first thing I’m shown when I open the app is a list of where all my friends will be. It’s amazing that something so simple can be so powerful,” says Heyo user Brian Brando of Blacksburg.

A real-time status update is only meaningful the moment it is created. With Heyo, plans are always adjustable, and become more exciting and relevant over time. As an event nears, it receives more prominent placement on the Heyo display screen.  More people see it and can take part, including RSVPs to the event.  Heyo provides a rich social experience around your plans right up to the moment they take place.

“Heyo actually affects the decisions I make about what I’m going to do. It’s different than any other social media app I’ve ever used,” says Heyo user Harrison Brann of Blacksburg.


Heyo, Inc. was founded founded in May 2010 by Frederick Cook and Rishi Ishairzay with seed funding from DayOne Ventures.  The company participated in the DayOne Ventures) start-up mentorship program this summer.

Heyo is on Facebook and on Twitter @HeyoApp.  You're invited to read more about the release on the Heyo Blog.

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