The Most Important Question an Entrepreneur Can Ask

"Who can I help?"Picture1

Yes.  It's that simple.

But, of course, it's not really simple at all.  That short question is loaded with hidden meaning.  For starters: who is who?  That little three letter word demands of you, the entrepreneur, a clear definition of your market target group.  What combination of population and situation creates the fertile ground into which you can successfully plant the seed of your startup business?  What Market can you enter early, so you have the opportunity to ride its natural growth curve?

And once you've figured out who who is, you'll have to put some thought into what help means.  What does who really need or want?  Remember, it doesn't matter how much you think who ought to need or want something.  Listen to your MarketIt will tell you what it needs or wants.  Your opinion, based on amazingly profound personal insight, really doesn't count, not one iota.  Sure, that hurts.  Get over it!

What's really cool is that the simple question, "who can I help," is not only vitally important in your business.  It's also vitally important in your life.  To be dedicated to helping is not only profitable, it is noble.  And, last time I checked, noble is a good thing.


This post is an excerpt from The single most important question an entrepreneur can ask… by Jim Flowers, Executive Director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, and author of the blog for entrepreneurs, So you want to launch a business…

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