Regional Powerhouses Prepare for Economic Warfare

What does all this mean to an aspiring entrepreneur?

  • You might want to figure out how to ride on the coattails of a regional cluster.  Think of all the complementary businesses that formed and grew around the Big Three auto companies in Detroit.
  • Make sure any cluster you join is well-positioned against its foreign competition.  If your region loses, you lose, too.
  • As a consequence of increased, deliberate clustering, the pace of innovation is likely to increase well-beyond its current breakneck speed.  It's more important than ever to be timely with new product introductions.

 In simpler terms…

  1. Where's the party?
  2. Who's going?
  3. What time does it start?
  4. What can I bring that will get me noticed?


This post is an excerpt from Alert!! Regional powerhouses prepare for economic warfare by Jim Flowers, Executive Director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, and author of the blog for entrepreneurs, So you want to launch a business…

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