Portaqua Assists with Aftermath of Hurricane Alex

VT KnowledgeWorks member company Portaqua responded to the aftermath of Hurricane Alex by delivering purified water to devastated communities in Northern Mexico. 

Hurricane Alex entered Mexico near Brownsville, Texas and caused severe flooding in poor rural communities.  Within 24 hours of the hurricane’s landfall, FEMSA, a leading consumer company in Latin America supplying brands such as Coca-Cola and Powerade to over 215 million consumers, contracted Portaqua to provide emergency water to communities in the rural mountain regions near Monterrey.  Portaqua immediately responded with a trailer water purification unit and Bagua emergency storage pouches.

Portaqua systems and personnel operated from 7 AM to 8 PM to provide water to approximately 10,000 people per day for six weeks.  The water available for treatment came from various sources and contained high levels of suspended solids, agricultural runoff and minerals.  Local emergency response agencies also attempted to use standard emergency water filtration plants but due to these contaminants these systems were unsuccessful.  Only Portaqua’s unique system could treat and purify the water and provide safe drinking water to the communities.

The Portaqua plant operated a total of 46 days without interruption, providing water within one hour of start up.  By using on board generators the system provided drinking water to remote sites, many without power.  The lines of people were long and continuous but Portaqua proved that its model of self contained water purification/bottling plant is the best model to use for disaster response.

Portaqua's trailer water purification unit and Bagua emergency storage pouches provide relief in Hurricane Alex aftermath

Portaqua, LLC is a manufacturer of patent pending lightweight portable drinking water processing systems designed for fast easy setup and operations. With multiple model options including Bottling Plant System (BPS) for local bottling needs, Commercial Plant System (CPS) for local hotels, hospital and communities and Emergency Plant System (EPS) for quick emergency response system, Portaqua is the solution for portable water treatment at any location with a usable water source.

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