Countdown to NFL Season with pcDrafter

pcDrafter is a product of Automation Creationsa VT KnowledgeWorks member company founded by Henry Bass.  A version of this post first appeared on Handshake 2.0.

National Football League fantasy football players – an estimated 27 million of them – are counting down to September 9, 2010, the start of the NFL season.

Fantasy football is big business.  The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, cited in The Acorn, reports that fantasy sports have a $3 billion to $4 billion annual impact across the sports industry.

To its devoted players, fantasy football is about way more than fun or fancy.

According to Henry Bass, "Selecting a fantasy football team is a math, science and art all to itself."

That's why Bass and his colleagues developed fantasy football league draft software pcDrafter.

From the pcDrafter site:

pcDrafter is software that you install on your PC to take the guesswork out of your fantasy football draft. During a draft, it needs no Internet connection, but before the draft, with optional registration and Internet access, it can automatically download the latest player projections directly to its powerful optimization engine. pcDrafter does a zillion calculations and sees patterns not humanly possible to find in 2 seconds. Your savvy FF mind plus pcDrafter equals an unbeatable draft. pcDrafter features automatic player updates from

The "zillion calculations" through pcDrafter's algorithm made possible by today's computing power lay the foundation for the software founders' claim:  "pcDrafter software gives you a highly effective platform to both prepare for your draft and to crush your competition during the drafting itself."

Greg Alan Pisch writes about pcDrafter for, "I've poured over pcDrafter with the GOLD algorithm and am convinced it's the best PC drafting software available on the market today."

Fantasy football draft software pcDrafter


You're invited to learn more:  @ACIWebs on Twitter and Automation Creations on Facebook.


  1. Anne,
    Thanks for a great article. PC Drafter is having an awesome season this year, but I realize that Fantasy Football is a binary activity: either you are really into it, or you don't know anything about it! As it turns out, the stats and math are appealing to us gear-heads, and pentium-heads.
    Out of our own frustration trying to find out what Fantasy Football is all about, we wrote an article to introduce the game design, scoring and milestones. See it at

    Many sites offer free Fantasy Football leagues, such as ESPN and Yahoo. You can join with a specific group of friends, or subject yourself to the random draw of the Internet!

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