Why Foursquare?

A version of this post first appeared on Handshake 2.0.

All are invited to Handshake 2.0's Anniversary Party 2.0 hosted by VT KnowledgeWorks member company Handshake Media, Incorporated, and VT Knowledgworks sponsor Hutchison Law Group

Here's why:

A company's anniversary offers a once-per-year opportunity for publicity, PR, and branding.  Why, then, pair Handshake 2.0's Anniversary 2.0 with a Handshake 2.0 brand-diluting Foursquare Swarm Badge Party?

In A $500,000 Foursquare Swarm Badge Party, I expressed my top reason:

I'd like to join with my locale in figuring out Foursquare.

That's because, to quote the Wall Street Journal on 6/23/10, "Foursquare has yet to figure out how to turn its growing popularity into a business."

How to turn a user base into a business model isn't a Foursquare problem.  It's an entrepreneurial problem.  Our hot geospatial locale has a burgeoning entrepreneurial economy.  Many of our VT KnowledgeWorks enterprises - Handshake 2.0, SmartCollegeVisit, Actifity, FurnishWEB, and AttaainCI, for example - are online enterprises.  

So I'm not necessarily a fan of Foursquare.  Foursquare is a funded, online enterprise and popular tool that I believe we need to understand communally. At a party.

When, not if, we solve the user-base-business-model problem locally, watch out for what will happen in our region.  And we'll be glad to share how we did it with Foursquare.

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