The App Effect

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Consciousness is everything.

Freud and Jung said it in so many more eloquent ways, but consciousness is still the essence of what gives people a chance to change.  Therapy – the “talking cure” – is based on the notion that if I talk about it, I become conscious of it – whatever it is – and can do something about it.  Weight Watchers asks me to become conscious of what and how much I eat by keeping a food log.  Once I'm aware that I eat a whole bag of SunChips at lunch every day, I can change to half a bag. 

A software application, a web application, or a mobile application could possibly be a catalyst for consciousness.  If it were, that app would offer what I’ll term The App Effect.

Actifity is health and fitness, simple and social. I have been a beta tester of Actifity, a health and fitness web application currently in private beta, for about a month.  Founders Fred Cook and Rishi Ishairzay were featured in The Roanoke Times on June 26, 2010.  They have asked me not to reveal too many details, but it allows users to track and share health and fitness information in innovative ways.

In the check-ins of some Actifity users, I can see an increased frequency of use and an increase in the level of exertion – from walking to the car, for example, to taking a short run.

Is that The App Effect?

I heard the pitch from Actifity at the Entrepreneurship Summit in April, 2010.  I was impressed that the purpose of the site was not necessarily to prepare each of us for an Ironman or the Tour de France, but to encourage each of us to move a bit and log it.

When I set a personal record for circuit training at The Weight Club on Saturday, as I was running the after-mile, I became conscious of thinking to myself, "I look forward to sharing my new personal record with the people on Actifity."

That is The App Effect.


Actifity was a VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit Open Angel Forum finalist.  Actifity announced that it has partnered with DayOne Ventures. DayOne Ventures is housed at VT KnowledgeWorks.

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