Green kW Energy Launches New Site

From Steven Cox, Director of Process Operations, Green kW Energy, Inc., a VT KnowledgeWorks member company:

We're pleased that the new site for Green kW Energy was designed by William McKenzie of The Studio Touch.  McKenzie is great to work with and talented.  The Studio Touch is local to Blacksburg, Virginia, very good, and charges reasonable fees for creation and maintenance.

Renewable energy from Green kW Energy, Inc. 
Green kW Energy, Inc. (GkW) is a generator of renewable energy licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. GkW uses biogas from certified renewable sources to produce electricity. Our electricity is sold to the local utility company or is available directly to customers through net‐metering or Competitive Service
Provider contracts. GkW's niche is building and operating small (<3 MW) renewable electric power generation systems.

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