Click and Pledge Changes the Mobile Giving Landscape

by Maureen Carruthers

Click and Pledge, a Blacksburg, Virginia based Software as a Service (SaaS) firm dedicated to enabling any size organization to access sophisticated software tools for more efficient and effective online fundraising, saw the promise of mobile (or text) giving and set out to make the strategy viable for nonprofits of all sizes.

As Jim Barney, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, puts it, “This is bold new territory with a magnitude of potential and promise.  First, 27% of Americans access the mobile web frequently.  Second, mobile web now has the fastest growing adoption rate of any new media.  Third, it taps the potential of what every philanthropic organization seeks: new and young donors.  Fourth, it offers immediacy, reach and convenience.”

However, the traditional implementation of mobile giving services makes this new frontier harsh territory for most non-profits so Click & Pledge attacked these barriers and cost structures.

You are invited to read examples of how Click and Pledge is changing the landscape of mobile giving on Handshake 2.0.


Maureen Carruthers is passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their missions.  For ideas to help a favorite nonprofit be heard, including how volunteers can help, you're invited to visit her blog, Low Hanging Fruit.

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