Industry Research Profiles Help Sales and Marketing Teams – New from AttaainCI

From VT KnowledgeWorks member company Attaain, Inc. on new features for competitive business intelligence and market intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) AttaainCI:

AttaainCI Industry Profiles help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, open doors and close more deals. Profiles are updated quarterly by First Research and synthesize hundreds of sources into an easy to read format that can be absorbed quickly to better understand a prospect’s or client’s business issues.

The new AttaainCI Industries Research module provides two types of regularly updated profiles:

Industry Profiles
Comprehensive industry profiles covering over 700 Industry sectors. Updated on a quarterly basis, industry profiles contain critical analysis, statistics and forecasts to help you engage key prospects, coach key clients, and deepen customer relationships.

State and Province Profiles
State and Province profiles deliver industry and economic insight, employment and real estate trends, and valuable resource links for each of the 50 US States, Washington DC and 10 Canadian Provinces. Profiles are updated at the end of each quarter.

AttaainCI Simplifies the Competitive Intelligence Cycle

AttaainCI eliminates the manual competitive intelligence processing trap In today’s connected world, companies have access to vast amounts of readily available competitive data. Search engines can quickly provide millions of results for practically any search topic.

However, the sheer volume of data available can quickly consume all available resources in trying to identify, filter, extract, summarize and act on this flood of dynamic data on a timely basis.

To compound the problem, competitive and market intelligence obtained today can, and often does, change tomorrow. A meaningful competitive intelligence function is a continuous process of researching, analyzing, extracting, reporting, and acting on information as it changes.

In spite of the vast amount of data available, attempting to manually track this volume of ever changing competitive and market information can be an expensive and resource consuming process, which is why crucial competitive and market information often goes overlooked and underutilized - truly a case of “data overload and information shortage.”

AttaainCI was created to solve this problem. Its proprietary information monitoring technologies can easily identify, track and report on all of the companies, people and markets crucial to success in your various lines of business.


Attaain Inc. delivers “active intelligence for strategic advantage” with AttaainCI, the award-winning web-based solution for researching, analyzing and real-time tracking of competitive business intelligence and market intelligenceon key companies, people and markets. The AttaainCI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system is used for business development in a wide range of industries to identify and track new sales prospects, existing customer growth opportunities, competitor activities, strategic partner prospects, industry developments and more, across single or multiple lines of business.


VT KnowledgeWorks Global Challenge TrophyVT KnowledgeWorks has announced a Global Student Business Concept Challenge, August 29 – September 4, 2010, in Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia, USA.  The Challenge celebrates the energy and ingenuity of university students and their important contributions to the future of our global economy.  The name of the winning team, their university name, and their home city will be etched into the base of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Challenge Trophy as a permanent tribute to their outstanding effort.  The winning team will earn a $25,000 cash prize.


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