A Great Chance for an Entrepreneur to Be Profitably Uncomfortable

If you're an entrepreneur, or might-be entrepreneur, or wanna-be entrepreneur, and you haven't stumbled on @nametagscott, you're missing a great chance to be profitably uncomfortable.

Scott Ginsberg tries his best, and usually succeeds, to jolt people out of their warm, fuzzy places, and to enable them to take a fresh view of reality.  He's a little bit crazy, but that's what makes him memorable.  And he knows he's a little bit crazy.  That's what makes him effective.

A while back I posted about mental mildew, its effects, and some ways to combat it.  Where mental mildew is concerned, Scott and others of his ilk, are full strength Lysol.

via www.startwithmoxie.com

You're invited to read the entire post, @nametagscott goes for the throat!, by Jim Flowers, Executive Director, VT KnowledgeWorks.

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