Broadband For America: The Third Way – A White Paper by Andrew Cohill

Andrew Cohill is the founder of Web Villages, a VT KnowledgeWorks member company.

An excerpt of a post follows that originally appeared on Handshake 2.0:

Andrew Cohill, author of the white paper "Broadband for America: The Third Way" Broadband For America: The Third Way, a white paper by Andrew Cohill, is generating interest nationally for its new approach to solving America's broadband problems.  The paper proposes adopting a different business model and a different network architecture  to overcome the inherent financial shortcomings and network inefficiencies in existing telecom networks while keeping government out of direct competition with the private sector. The approach creates new business opportunities for existing service providers, including incumbents.  The strategy advocates separating services from infrastructure, using the time-tested "roads" model. The "third way" advocates building local and regional digital road systems managed much the same way communities build and manage vehicular road networks. 

A free copy of Andrew Cohill's white paper, Broadband For America: The Third Way, is available for download here.


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