Presidents’ Council Member Has an Eye on the Next Three Days - Find your fun in Blacksburg, Virginia

In an age of information overload, when everyone can find everything that's possible to do all at once, wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening just in the next three days? is the brainchild of Jami Ryan, Senior Developer at Automation Creations, Inc. He and the Automation Creations team, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, created the site under the leadership of Laureen Fleming, Operations Manager at ACI, who is heading up the web development division of Automation Creations, Inc. while the company’s president and founder, Henry Bass, is on a tour of duty in IraqHenry's Blog was recently featured in the Roanoke Times.  Laureen is a member of Presidents' Council, a VT KnowledgeWorks program.

“Henry asked me and Dale Kipp, head of our MatWeb division of ACI, to hold down the fort while he was in Iraq,” said Fleming.  “To honor his sacrifice, we wanted to do more than that.” is a multi-function web resource featuring restaurant meal and drink specials, music, sports, and other special events in the Blacksburg, Virginia and New River Valley of Virginia areas, all in a scrolling format for today, tomorrow, and the next day.  Information from the site can be viewed, emailed, and sent to a mobile device.  "That's cool!" and "How'd you do that?" and "I didn't know they served that!" are frequent responses to the site.

Known for its innovative development of web user interfaces paired with complex backend databases, Automation Creations built on SQL Server, ColdFusion, Flash Remoting, Web Services, Javascript and Adobe Flash.  Like the best entrepreneurial technology enterprises, it, of course, can be automated and scaled.  While still considered in beta, launching in other locales is in the plan.

“We’re working on lots of other features including a mobile version, full event searching, and the ability to limit the event display to a specific area in the New River Valley," said Jami Ryan.

“We created NextThreeDays because we knew there were things to do in the New River Valley, but we had trouble finding them," Ryan added.  "We talked to our family and friends and discovered they were having the same problem. Once we heard, 'There’s nothing to do in Blacksburg' repeatedly, we knew we had to create NextThreeDays and solve this problem.”

Connecting with things to do in the NRV through can happen on Twitter at @Next3Days and on Facebook.

Henry Bass, "Flat Henry," and Laureen Fleming of Automation Creations, Inc.

Pictured are Henry Bass, President, "Flat Henry," stand-in presence during Henry's absence, and Laureen Fleming.

All who know Henry Bass look forward to the time they can say, "We'll see Henry in the next three days!"  Welcome home, Henry, to a masterpiece of an enterprise created by your team while you were away.


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