Nanci Hardwick of Schultz-Creehan Gets Things Done

If you remember the photos of VT KnowledgeWorks Member Services Manager Lindsey Eversole's desk and my desk, you might imagine that I listened keenly to Nanci Hardwick's presentation on David Allen's Getting Things Done.  When CEO Nanci Hardwick of VT KnowledgeWorks member company Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc. thinks something works?  I want to know all about it.

Here's her presentation:

I got some things done!  Here's my desk transformed!

Anne Clelland's desk after she learned to get things done from Nanci Hardwick!

May the link Nanci provided on how to follow David Allen's advice for Getting Email Under Control (.pdf) transform the other giant un-done pile in my life – my inbox!

Thank you, Nanci, for inspiring me and showing me how to get things done! 


Schultz-Creehan is a high-tech engineering firm focused on the research and development of innovative solutions for industry.  Schultz-Creehan addresses complex product development challenges through expertise in materials science and industrial engineering.  With offices and lab facilities in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, Schultz-Creehan develops and manufactures products and processes to serve clients in the aerospace, defense, medical device and industrial markets for customers like DARPA, the Office of Naval Research and more.

VT KnowledgeWorks is a unique growth enhancement program open to entrepreneurs in the New River Valley of Virginia and beyond.  Acceleration center and incubation facilities are located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia

VT KnowledgeWorks sponsors include Attaain, Inc., BB&T, Handshake 2.0, Harris Office Furniture, Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C., Latimer, Mayberry & Matthews IP Law, LeClairRyan, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and The Becher Agency (TBA).


  1. Look at all of that open space on your desk! It makes me want to tidy up my workstation a bit more 🙂

  2. I'm looking at my desk now and it no longer looks like the one pictured above. I bet yours looks like it did in the original picture! 🙂

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