Allan Tsang – The Wisdom of 88owls

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

“Making wise business decisions” is the tagline for Allan Tsang's VT KnowledgeWorks member company 88owls, the online business consultant-matching service he founded at the beginning of 2009. It fits Allan, too. He wisely launched 88owls after realizing that having worked with more than 100 companies as an independent business consultant, he could not help all the businesses who needed the insight, guidance, and expertise an experienced outsider has to offer. 

Allan Tsang, founder of 88owls, 20 Under 40, Blue Ridge Business JournalAllan Tsang was named to the 2009 "20 Under 40" list of young business professionals by the Blue Ridge Business Journal. A story about Tsang, 88owsl "eHarmony for Business", is on page 7.

His personal network of fellow business consultants became the foundation for his company which has grown to over 300 consultants from 27 countries. His business-to-consultant matching technology allows the client to seek out the best possible match for the company. An hour of free phone consultation lets both parties determine if the match is right.

Allan explained the advantage of hiring a consultant from 88owls in his the post featuring 88owls in the Rackspace Tech Showcase:  "Our members have seen it all and done it all – there is no learning on the job."

88Owls offers:

  • A sophisticated system for matching consultants to the businesses
  • An hour of free phone consultation
  • C-level service as consultants, advisors, and senior project managers
  • Architect-like planning and strategy development
  • Project based support with no long term commitment
  • Specialist knowledge to solve specific problems

Like the service he provides, Allan's approach to business is about strategy.  He chose the name “88owls” for his company because the number “8” is an auspicious number and “a good number across different cultures.” As for “owls,” Allan acknowledges that consultants often “work in the dark and like to work alone.”

88owls is led by someone who, like an owl, possesses a keen vision, acute listening skills, and can move into action with speed and precision necessary to solve client problems. As a new start-up, his business is taking flight.


In this video from his Rackspace Tech Showcase profile, Allan Tsang explains 88owls:

Video credit:  Z. Kelly Queijo

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