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Patricia Handschiegel, entrepreneur and writer for The Huffington Post, sent her latest subject in an email.

"…[We're] talking about the importance of knowing and delivering your company message."

She asked these specific questions:

1. Do you feel your company message is where you'd like it to be?
2. What steps did you take or strategies did you use to develop it?
3. What would your advice be to other women entrepreneurs who might be working to develop their company messaging?

My answer:

"When I take on the prescribed, but often postponed, tasks of business definition – writing a business plan, a mission statement, an application for angel investor funding, a social media authenticity policy – I discover in attempting to convey to others the essence of my company, I understand my own company’s message more deeply.  That, in turn, deepens my ability to deliver that message."

If you've followed this blog, you know that I have done all these tasks, with great thought, usually with great angst, and always with weeping.  Every undertaking that required me to exercise thought about my company made me a stronger company leader.

As you can see, Patricia Handschiegel kindly quoted me in The Huffington Post in The New Power Girls: Women Entrepreneurs On How To Deliver Your Company's Message.

Excerpt from Patricia Handschiegel's "The New Power Girls: Women Entrepreneurs On How To Deliver Your Company's Message," The Huffington Post

The first time I was fortunate enough to be quoted in The Huffington Post, I found out through VT KnowledgeWorks member colleague Daryl Scott who created competitive intelligence software AtaainCI.

When I found out I got quoted again?  My Twitter update:  "Breathe, Anne. Breathe."


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