The Accelerated Entrepreneur – What a Company Founder Can Gain

As I reflect upon one year as a VT KnowledgeWorks member company, I have seen as a company founder that I have both lost and gained.

Here are my greatest gains:

A chance to make a difference.  

When I was an employee of a corporation or an institution, I often felt in the presence of a great expanse of possibility, trapped at the edge, slogging through the muck of meetings, forms, and politics. 

As a company founder, without the permission and, albeit, guidance of a committee, I have built a boat and I have nimbly jumped aboard.  No bureaucracy, no paperwork, no personality workarounds.  We’ve set sail.


When I worked for another company, the company found the clients and chose the employees.  As a company founder, I don't have complete freedom, but I do have more latitude to find a match between my company’s vision and the clients it serves and the people with whom it works. 

Instead of making a meal from what someone else has put in the refrigerator, I feel like I can go to the Farmer’s Market and select what ingredients will mutually flavor each other to create a world-nourishing feast.

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