The Challenge of Health Care Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Sam English's comment on Hire Your Local Entrepreneur was too thoughtful and thought-provoking not to feature in a post.  I have his permission to share it here.  Hire Your Local Entrepreneur included an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal, 6/16/09, Entrepreneurs Take Second Jobs to Stay Afloat.

From Sam English:

A way to describe this approach [to supporting regional entrepreneurs] is risk mitigation. In the same way an investor ($ investor or investor of sweat equity) mitigates risk in a portfolio by diversifying investments based on their risk/reward, a smart entrepreneur can use the same approach in judging where to invest time and effort.

Layered on top of this is the additional complication of the need for immediate cash versus downstream rewards. Offering part-time jobs to entrepreneurs can help. Particularly if health care benefits are included. I contend that the biggest hurdle to United Sates entrepreneurs is health care coverage.

Additionally, a regional seed-fund could help many of our local companies/entrepreneurs to decrease the risk during the early stage.


Sam English is with CIE Partners, an independent Roanoke-based organization promoting innovation and assisting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations in the western region of Virginia.

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