Another Consultation with 88owls

In response to VT KnowledgeWorks YouTube Video Stars – and, I received this question in an e-mail:

"I thought 88owls placed high-powered consultants in businesses. Is 88owls a business consulting company, not a headhunter company?"

I asked Allan Tsang for a follow-up – a consultation – and he kindly replied:

Think of 88owls as working much like a dating service, except we match businesses with consultants.

The 88owls Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) includes a database of very experienced consultants, business advisors and coaches. Businesses can find the ideal consultant for their needs within seconds by using the interactive search page to select the exact functions, skills and experience of the consultant they need. This is done using a user-friendly online guided questionnaire. 

The list of consultants narrows to fit the customer’s exact needs based upon the search criteria the customer has selected.  Once the interactive search portion has narrowed the list of consultants to a small, targeted group of potential consultants, the businesses can then review the selected consultants’ profiles, including a narrative biography and, in some cases, a video recorded by the consultant. 

The business can then select the consultant that best fits its needs from the selective list.  After a business enters some basic information in a guided questionnaire, the consultant is sent a lead by email with the expectation that the business is awaiting their contact. Through a strategic partnership, a wealth of up-to-the-minute business intelligence is sent along with each lead to help the potential consultants prepare and address problems and plan strategies in advance.
We just select consultants with 10+ years of experience and companies with 300K+ revenues.

Behind the scenes, we provide competitive intelligence, resources, marketplace, (a forum/wiki) etc.

For the 88owls service, there is no cost to the businesses.  They get to request a consultant for free without paying a $300 – $500 job post or talking to a consulting firm and get charged for initial consultation.  This way, their first hour is free and there is no obligation to sign any contract.

I hope that helps clarify how 88owls brings businesses and consultants together in an expert, efficient way.


88owls is a Rising Star nominee for the NewVa Corridor Technology Council, NCTC TechNite Awards and a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks.

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