Testimonials from the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit

"I just wanted to thank you for a first class event.  The event is a model that others should follow.  The collaboration with VT KnowledgeWorks, LeClairRyan, CVG, VAAN and others requires some careful coordination and you did a wonderful job.  If entrepreneurship is to succeed in the 'Rest Of Virginia,"=' ['ROA' – Rest of Virginia vs. 'NOVA' – Northern Virginia] events like these will be a cornerstone.  Well done, Jim."
–Jim Lansing, Managing Director of Virginia Annual Business Forums

"LiveFire! is a great opportunity to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and to simultaneously get real-time feedback on your business model. The end result is refining the model so it is presented concisely and conveys the right information for an investor to determine if you are potentially a good match for their investment philosophy."
–Mandy McCall, COO, StarChase, presenting company at LiveFire!
"CVG LiveFire! provided an excellent opportunity to present our investment opportunity in a setting very similar to investor conferences. The investor panel provided valuable input and feedback which will result in a more polished presentation."
–Ed Leary, Contravac, presenting company at LiveFire!

Melissa Brown, uService.org and Mike Drzal, Signature Sponsor from LeClairRyan

"I had a great time at the summit! It was an invaluable experience as a young entrepreneur, especially to compete for the first time.  The competition was a great way for my team and me to really solidify our idea into a viable business; we had to identify our target audiences, our value proposition, and our business model, which inevitably helped us learn and grow and now we are even more prepared to make it happen! 
The Summit itself was a great experience–I networked heavily with local entrepreneurs and other people who shared ideas, advice, and stories that improved my outlook on my business as well as how to make it better.  CVG Live! was an incredibly insightful portion of the Summit that taught me how to pitch my idea, understand what investors are really looking for, and other important aspects of building a business. 
Thanks for hosting the Summit! It was a true learning experience that has made me feel more confident about becoming a successful entrepreneur. "
–Melissa Brown, uService.org, Student Business Concept Competition Winner

"I was impressed with the quality of speakers and the level of professionalism of all those involved. Thank you for all your hard work and the learning opportunity you shared with the larger community. I met some incredibly talented people and I expect to carry forward my learning into my job and future endeavors. I, for one, walked away with a much better understanding of an entrepreneur’s challenges and resources." 
–Lisa K. Garcia, VT Midas Institute

"I wanted to thank you for hosting the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit.  As an undergraduate, I gained tremendous knowledge about defending one’s company, entrepreneurship, and marketing a small company through a great variety of venues.   These skills will be invaluable to me in my career as a manager and businessman.  I look forward to future events sponsored by VT KnowledgeWorks and the next Annual Entrepreneurship Summit.  It was a wonderful day and a rare but powerful look into the potential opportunities available to entrepreneurs and business owners, and was an invaluable learning experience."

–Erik Ebel, Virginia Tech, Class of 2010


The inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit was held on April 2, 2009, in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Thanks to all who helped make the Summit a resounding success.

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