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Expansion of Services: Schultz-Creehan LLC Adds Mechanical Testing to the List

With the addition of a new electromechanical testing system, Schultz-Creehan establishes line of materials testing services
Blacksburg, Virginia – March 30, 2009.  With the recent addition of an electromechanical testing system to its 3,000 square foot lab facility, Schultz-Creehan LLC has expanded its current directory of high-tech services to include mechanical testing of materials.  Through the combination of advanced machinery and state-of-the-art software, the mechanical testing of tensile, shear, bending, and compression can be conducted at sub-ambient, ambient and elevated temperatures in addition to the simulation of environmental aging.  This added service was incorporated by Schultz-Creehan in order to complement product development processes and facilitate quality control in manufacturing which ensures that selected materials meet their specific requirements such as quality standards, repeatability, and functionality.  SC specializes in part-specific mechanical testing which requires custom fixturing and procedures.  Such part-specific testing is required to meet mil-spec standards for military applications or other standard manufacturing requirements for commercial products.
Utilizing the calibrated mechanical load frame, Schultz-Creehan is also capable of testing products such as medical devices, manufactured components, and assemblies with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. Capabilities are well-suited to meet the diverse and challenging needs for a wide range of clients in industries such as healthcare, defense, aerospace, and industrial.   Schultz-Creehan looks forward to providing these expanded services to both new and existing customers, working closely with each client to identify and fulfill their custom needs.
About Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc.: Schultz-Creehan is a high-tech engineering firm focused on the research and development of innovative solutions for industry.  Schultz-Creehan addresses complex product development challenges through expertise in materials science and industrial engineering.  With offices and lab facilities in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, Schultz-Creehan develops and manufactures products and processes to serve clients in the aerospace, defense, medical device and industrial markets for customers like Northrop Grumman, Moog Inc, Office of Naval Research and more.
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