EnergyWare – Pairing Up Green Computing and Business Results

To solve an analogy, one determines the logical relationship between the first pair of words, then applies that logic to determine what word would complete the second pair of words.

Try solving this analogy:

computer: software :: green computing : ____________

EnergyWare - A Green Computing Solution If Bob Summers has his way, the fill-in-the-blank answer will be EnergyWare.

Efficient, green, energy-conscious computing requires a whole new logic. 

"Software isn't designed to be efficient," Summers said.  "Efficiency is a new problem – and a new product.  That's EnergyWare."

Summers, CEO of  EnergyWare,  a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, will be making that pitch next week in New York.

Summers will be presenting "Efficient Computing: Practical Solutions for Lean, Clean & Green," at the Uptime Institute Symposium 2009:  Lean, Clean and Green, April 13-16, 2009, in New York.

Here's the program description:  "During this presentation you will learn about leading edge research, best practice and solutions for increasing the efficiency of your server platforms. Efficiency joins reliability and performance as the key metrics by which all data centers are measured. Learn how your organization can implement efficiency solutions that will increase reliability and reduce energy consumption while maintaining performance."

Summers has powerful data to back him.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 3% of the nation's energy is consumed by data centers and data center energy consumption is doubling every 5 years.

According to Summers, EnergyWare reduces energy costs to such an extent that clients will get a pay back in direct energy costs in six months.

With those numbers, a business can logically pair "green computing" with a bottom line result.


Bob Summers, CEO of EnergyWare, a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, was named to Valley Business FRONT's "FRONTList 15:  The Entrepreneurial All-Stars," in its March 2009 issue.

From VBF's blog, moreFRONT, and its list of biographies of the entrepreneurs:

"nanoCom founder and president, Bob Summers has worked in the development of Internet communication software since 1992 and is considered a leading videoconferencing technology expert. He has been a consultant, software designer, author and speaker. MBA from MIT, training from Harvard Business school and a Computer Engineering degree from Virginia Tech. He co-founded 460 Capital Partners, a first seed and early stage fund and EnergyWare, a green computing company."

Sramana Mitra, a technology entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Silicon Valley, covered EnergyWare in Deal Radar 2009:  EnergyWare.

EnergyWare, a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, develops and markets efficient computing software solutions to data centers.  EnergyWare is delivering solutions which make green computing a reality for large and small enterprises around the world. 


  1. Thanks Anne for the unique perspective and great analogy! The company is going to be at Uptime Institute next week in New York City launching its first green computing software product, EnergyFit.

    This efficient computing software solution automatically saves 20 percent or more energy while applications run on enterprise servers. We look forward to hearing from you on how we can help make your data center more efficient.

    For information on how to evaluate this software please read:

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