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For their new inventions, VT KnowledgeWorks member companies often make the news.  Here's the latest:

Nanci Hardwick, CEO of Schultz-Creehan, on the cover of Valley Business FRONT Click & Pledge

"Mid-Market Heroes: Click & Pledge Uses Tech To Make Donating Easier," bMighty.com – Practical Technology Expertise for Growing Companies, 3/26/09

Click & Pledge can't do anything about making potential contributors feel flush enough to make donations, but the company is using clever technology to make the process of donating to your favorite nonprofit organization or political party as fast and easy as possible — and has made a business for itself in the process.  Read more.

Cooperative Leadership Institute (VT KnowledgeWorks Alumnus)

Legendary Challenge:  A Recipe for Success, Handshake 2.0, 3/11/09

One of the challenges in building business is to do something successfully one time and then be able to  replicate that model multiple times. Charles Lattimer, founder of Cooperative Leadership Institute (CLI), has done just that with the launch of Legendary Challenge, a movement to help others "Dream, Mobilize and Succeed."  Read more.


Bob Summers, CEO of EnergyWare, was named to Valley Business FRONT's "FRONTList 15:  The Entrepreneurial All-Stars," in its March 2009 issueRead more.


Fashionably Wired:  LimbGear, Blue Ridge Business Journal, 3/23/09Greek author and philosopher Plato is known for defining “necessity” as the “mother of invention.” It’s truth that Tyson Daniel, a senior-assistant-capital-trial-lawyer turned inventor and athletic apparel designer can relate to. The weekly, four-hour drive each way from his home in Roanoke to the regional jail facility in Dickenson County gave him plenty of time to think about how he could work in a little exercise into his drive time. The adventure into innovation that follows would eventually manifest itself in Daniel’s successful LimbGear product line, already buzzed about in major media outlets including PC Magazine, “The Today Show,” and Wired magazine.  Read more.


Portaqua:  Changing Lives at the First Drop," Blue Ridge Business Journal, 2/23/09.  (Thanks to the Blue Ridge Business Journal, we share the full text of the article with you.  For photographs,  please view this reprint (.pdf).)

In his poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote:
“Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink. ”

These words depict a terrible irony for the sailors on a ship lost at sea, surrounded by water with no way to make it drinkable. Those words, written in 1798, could just as aptly describe today’s global water crisis. According to the World Bank, roughly 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water.  Read more. 


Nanci Hardwick, CEO of Schultz-Creehan, was featured on the cover, and in the cover story, of the April 2009 issue of Valley Business FRONT, "A Passion for Professional Fashion." Nanci is pictured in the image accompanying this post.  Read more.

VPT Energy Systems

Business group's roll tops 200, Roanoke.com, 3/25/09

The NewVa Corridor Technology Council said its membership recently crested 200 companies and organizations for the first time since it was created more than 10 years ago.  Membership rose briefly above 200 in December and then fell below 200 when a couple of members quit. But then VPT Energy Systems in Blacksburg joined in early March and put the organization back over 200, where Executive Director Cory Donovan said he is confident it will remain.  VPT provides equipment for plug-in hybrid vehicles.  Read more.

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