Are You a LinkedIn Entrepreneur?

Used with permission from a post by Z. Kelly Queijo, a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0, an enterprise of VT KnowledgeWorks member company Handshake Media, Incorporated.

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

I've been following the posts on the VT KnowledgeWorks blog about the upcoming competition for venture capital sponsored by the Charlottesville Venture Group (CVG).  A recent post that included recommendations on how to make your application stand out included this bonus tip:

BONUS: If you go to a funding source and don’t have LinkedIn completely filled out and with some real business contacts on it, we’re not impressed. Get with the program.

Whoa! LinkedIn might play a role in whether or not an entrepreneur receives funding??

Absolutely. LinkedIn is THE social media network for building relationships in business. With more than 30 million users representing 150 industries, you're likely to find people you know from past jobs, college, friends, clients, and professional interests. You start with who you know and begin to build your network.

Grow your network by inviting new contacts to join your network. When you follow-up by email with people you've met, whether you met them at a conference, a networking event, or through others, use LinkedIn to invite them join your network. This provides them an invitation to expand their own business network and gives them the opportunity to learn more about you.

Learning more about one another is the foundation for building strong relationships – and building business starts with building trust.

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