StarChase Lets the System Do the High-Speed Pursuit

StarChase, LLC is one of the five companies making presentations to a panel of angel investors during CVG’s LiveFire! ™, the afternoon session of the inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit on Thursday, April 2, 2009, in Blacksburg, Virginia.

From Mandy McCall, COO, StarChase, LLC:

CVG’s LiveFire!  What an outstanding opportunity to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit!  StarChase is pleased to be selected and to educate the investment community on the inherent risks surrounding the financial settlements and loss of life associated with high-speed police pursuits. StarChase provides a safer interdiction strategy – yet still catches the bad guys.

StarChase, LLC specializes in tagging and tracking pursuit management solutions for the law enforcement sector. The privately held company is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has been in operation since 2001. The StarChase products are patent protected in several countries, including the United States.

More than 100,000 high-speed pursuits in the U.S. every year endanger everyone involved in the chase – the suspects, the police and the public. However, it’s an unnecessary danger; up to 85 percent of these pursuits are initiated by non-violent offenders. The economic impact is staggering, with hundreds of millions of dollars awarded in the U.S. annually due to insurance payouts, medical bills, workers' compensation and lost wages.

The system is comprised of three key components: 

The launch system is mounted behind the grille of a police cruiser and uses a control panel and laser to target the fleeing vehicle. 

StarChase Pursuit Management System - Launcher

StarChase Pursuit Management System - Control Panel 
Control Panel

The system discharges a projectile containing the GPS receiver, transmitter and power supply. The projectile adheres to the suspect's vehicle and transmits coordinates back to dispatch.

StarChase Pursuit Management System - Projectile

The dispatcher then views the location and movements of the tagged vehicle in near real-time on a digital road map via a secure Internet connection.   

StarChase Pursuit Management System - Real-Time Mapping
Real-Time Mapping

This platform is a protected, scalable Web-based solution that does not require special hardware to operate. StarChase is compatible with existing CAD and AVL systems. 

The StarChase Pursuit Management System was named one of TIME magazine’s 2007 Best Inventions of the Year, and has been featured in USA Today, Wired magazine and Popular Science. Footage appeared in several national news segments, including Good Morning America (ABC) and the Early Show (CBS). In 2008, the system won the Innovation Award for the Vehicle and Vehicle Accessories Category from Cygnus Law Enforcement Group.

As well as reducing the dangers and risks involved in police pursuits, the StarChase Pursuit Management System saves time, money and – most importantly – lives. 

We look forward to presenting StarChase at CVG’s LiveFire!

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