Entrepreneurship – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

A multi-section, special report on entrepreneurship has been issued by The Economist, 3/12/09.  Here's a link to the first article, Heroic Entrepreneurs.  A list on the right of the page, entitled "A Special Report," lists links to the rest of the series.

Here's the introduction to Time for Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurialism has become cool.

VICTOR HUGO once remarked: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.” Today entrepreneurship is such an idea.

The time has come for entrepreneurship in Blacksburg, Virginia, as well.

Jim Flowers, director of VT KnowledgeWorks, calls 2009 – the year of the entrepreneur.

Z. Kelly Queijo, a contributor to Handshake 2.0, writes, Thinking of Starting a New Business? Why Not Now?

And the organizers of CVG’s LiveFire! ™ declare, "It's a fabulous time to start a business!"

The inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2009, in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Things could get dramatic.

During the CVG’s LiveFire! ™ session in the afternoon of the Summit, five companies selected as pitch-worthy by the Charlottesville Venture Group (CVG), in affiliation with the Virginia Active Angels Network (VAAN), will pitch in public, answer questions in public, listen to the angel investors express pros – and cons – in public, right there in front of an auditorium full of 100 silent, scrutinizing audience members.

Jim Flowers terms it "American Idol" for business.

The auditorium of 100 seats is filling.  If you don't want to miss "American Idol" for business, you might want to register now.


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