Breakthrough Communication Manager to Be Unveiled at VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit

"Breakthrough communication manager."

That's all we'll know about Gladhandle – the second company organizers of CVG’s LiveFire! ™ have announced as one of five companies to pitch to a panel of angel investors in Blacksburg, Virginia - until it's unveiled at the inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit on April 2, 2009.

And we only know that from the Gladhandle home page!  Here's a screenshot:

Gladhandle - Breakthrough communication manager

Except Inside VT KnowledgeWorks got a hint of things to come from Andy Horner, Gladhandle's Chief Operating Officer:

"Angels are the wings that make start-ups fly. The Gladhandle team is exhilarated to showcase our breakthrough invention! We are grateful to the organizers and sponsors for this transformational event."

I'm not going to miss this.

And you don't have to either.

In person, you can view the Gladhandle unveiling, ContraVac's presentation, and three other to-be-announced companies pitch to angel investors by registering for the inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit to be held on Thursday, April 2, 2009, in Blacksburg, Virginia.


  1. There’s been countless attempts to “crack the 7th touch code” that Jim Flowers refers to on his comment posted at the Handshake 2.0 blog. We believe Gladhandle’s vision is the magic key for professionals seeking to bypass gatekeepers, gain access to their customers, and blow open the doors of communication with all their contacts. And we couldn’t be more delighted that Jim thinks Gladhandle is on track with his “Four Fundamental Factors” test for Market, Magic, Mentors and Moxie.

    See you all at the Entrepreneur Summit and LiveFire! where we will unveil Gladhandle for our April launch!

    Thanks again to VTKnowledgeWorks and all its partners and sponsors for this opportunity.

    Andy Horner
    Gladhandle – sign up now for updates!!!

    Jim Flowers comment:
    "If these guys have truly cracked the 7th touch code, I really, really want some of their stuff!!

    In the large and growing world of sales, they are addressing a "compelling end-user need." That means they are onto a serious Market. I can't wait to see their Magic next week.

    From the looks of things, Gladhandle has passed my Four Fundamental Factors test with flying colors."

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