Data Back-Up on the To-Do List

Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC, specializes in data security and remote data backup servicesFrom Anne Clelland:

Given that I can be remiss in backing up my business data, and knowing that sometimes if I "know better," I add items to my to-do list, I e-mailed Doug Mauer for his know-how.

Doug Mauer is the founder, President and CEO of Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC - a member company of technology incubator and business acceleration centerVT KnowledgeWorks.

Doug replied:

There are three environments for back-up of data.  Off-site is one of those three.

In order of preference:

1. Same machine back-up:  This is where you make a copy of important data on the same machine the data is on originally. This guards against accidental erasure, something that happens more often than one would think. This is the least desirable of the three, but better than nothing.

2. Off machine: This is where back-up is either over a Local Area Network (LAN) to another machine, or to tape backup on the same, or a combination of the two, e.g. where the tape back-up is accomplished over the LAN. This protects data against a machine or disk failure but not against physical destruction of the property where both the original machine and the back-up device reside.

3. Off site: In case of fire or other physical disaster, the company's important data is recoverable as the back-up was accomplished either to tape as above AND the tape was physically removed to another physical location, such as a bank security box, or best of all, over a network to a remote physical location.

Off-site back-ups accomplish all the functions of the other two PLUS add disaster recovery as the icing on the cake.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Doug.  It does help.  Data back-up as "icing on the cake" sounds essential to a recipe for business security and success.


Doug Mauer, founder of BizNet Technologies, Inc. in 1993, began Brush Mountain Data Center to meet the expanding needs of his clients, many of whom were located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Reseach Center, as they grew from one-founder start-ups to established companies.  His clients were creating mission-critical data that would result in business-crippling results if it were lost.

Mauer coined the phrase, "your data vault in the mountains," to urge companies to envision a secure location for their data. 

Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC has top tier security specifications and specializes in services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC, specializes in data security and remote data back-up services.  Offering server co-location and offsite disaster recovery protection, Brush Mountain Data Center serves as your company’s “data vault in the mountains."  For more information about secure, offsite data storage, please contact Doug Mauer.

Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC is a sponsor of the inaugural 2009 New River Valley Triathlon which benefits the Mental Health Association of the New River Valley, Inc.

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