Capital Defense Attorney Becomes Entrepreneur

From Tyson Daniel, founder of VT KnowledgeWorks member company WeighOut, LLC:

After five years of doing only capital murder cases and with fourteen death cases behind me, it was time to go.

Tyson Daniel, founder of Weigh Out, LLC before LimbGear Death Penalty cases are enormously draining.  They are a most unpleasant affair from any perspective. It was not without its benefits though, since during the course of numerous long trips to a regional jail deep in the coalfields of western-southwestern Virginia, the wheels in my brain started turning like the wheels on my Subaru.

As one might imagine, the stress of defending those on trial for their lives is extraordinary.  Indeed, it is enough to make a relatively intelligent person think that starting an "accessory apparel/gear manufacturing” business – with no experience – is a completely logical thing to do.

Tyson Daniel, founder of Weigh Out, LLC, in a LimbGear Noggin Net In fairness to my colleagues at the Capital Defense Unit, as well as the local counsel with whom we worked, these were shared stresses.  I suppose each of us dealt with it in our own way. I certainly did.

For me, I knew – as I have always known because it was how I was raised – that I could do whatever I resolved to do. Of course, this mantra must be tempered with reason. Thus, as a relatively short guy with a 2” vertical leap, I will never be an Olympic high-jumper despite my resolve to try.  Starting a business and running it successfully, however, is not beyond my ken.

LimbGear® came shortly thereafter.

Flash forward three years. Yes, that’s right, three years, some painfully expensive lessons and more work than I would ever have imagined, and I am now a full-time WeighOut – LimbGear® team member. 

We are based out of – and are located in – the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center where we are stationed as a member company of the world-renowned VT KnowlegeWorks business acceleration center.

I’ve found my WeighOut.


Tyson Daniel created LimbGear® mp3-enabled sports apparel, a product line of WeighOut, LLC.  In January 2009, within 60 days of arriving and starting full-time at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, LimbGear® was featured on The Today Show.  Additionally, a video of Santa dancing in his LimbGear® Noggin NetMP3 enabled skullcap appeared on Handshake 2.0.

This post first appeared on Handshake 2.0.

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