A Threshold Event in Advertising

Jim Flowers, director of business acceleration centerVT KnowledgeWorks, responds to This Great Recession Will Restructure Advertising, a post from David Houle's blog, Evolution Shift:

“The advertising recession of 2008-2010 is a threshold event in that a decade from now it will be viewed as the transitional time between the traditional advertising model of the 20th century and the new emerging model of the 21st century.”  – Houle
Traditional static advertising is "over."  Live content followed by participation by the targets is the new wave.  I heard somebody say recently,  "You can no longer control your brand image."  I agree.  Your "desired" image, created by your media activity, is now only the starting point.  The image building process is now a dynamic activity, with bloggers and other participants influencing your "effective" image. 

Get over it.  Get with it.  Or get ready to lose market share.

Jim Flowers, director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, writes the blog So you want to launch a business.

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