Schultz-Creehan Sponsors PMDI

From VT KnowledgeWorks member company Schultz-Creehan Holdings, LLC:

Improving Pediatric Care Through Medical Device Innovation

The Pediatric Medical Device Institute (PMDI) adds Schultz-Creehan LLC as an official sponsor to facilitate the design and development of high-quality medical devices

Blacksburg, Virginia- February 9, 2009.  The Pediatric Medical Device Institute (PMDI), an organization aimed at the development of innovative medical devices for children, has recently expanded its capabilities to include advanced R&D and manufacturing expertise with the addition of high-tech engineering firm Schultz-Creehan LLC to its list of corporate sponsors.  Charged by a special stakeholders committee mandated by Congress, PMDI was founded to overcome current barriers faced by the pediatric medical device industry such as costs, small market size, and lack of collaborative networks by providing information to hospitals, companies, and the educational community.

Through their expertise in developing innovative solutions for industry, Schultz-Creehan is able to overcome many of these barriers with their advanced capabilities and experience in precision machining at the micro scale, conceptual design, mechanical design, CAD/CAM, prototype fabrication, and small scale manufacturing.  Schultz-Creehan designs and manufacturers medical device components for industry and has partnered with organizations such as Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Virginia Tech on bio-engineering projects.

“Schultz-Creehan is privileged to work alongside PMDI and its consortium of children’s hospitals to improve the quality of medical care for children,” says Nanci Hardwick, CEO. ”We look forward to assisting PMDI in overcoming the complex challenges faced by the pediatric medical device industry.”

About the Pediatric Medical Device Institute (PMDI): PMDI is for infants and children who have unmet needs for medical devices to improve the quality of their care, the PMDI utilizes an innovative approach to product development. Unlike the current market driven device development process, the needs-based PMDI invests professional effort and/or funds at specific points in the product development life-cycle in order to create devices at an accelerated pace, thus overcoming many barriers inherent in the traditional model.

About Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc.: Schultz-Creehan is a high-tech engineering firm focused on the research and development of innovative solutions for industry.  Schultz-Creehan addresses complex product development challenges through expertise in materials science and industrial engineering.  With offices and lab facilities in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, Schultz-Creehan develops and manufactures products and processes to serve clients in the aerospace, defense, medical device and industrial markets for customers like HCA, Northrop Grumman, RoMack Inc, and more.

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