Enough Already. I’m Applying.

The inaugural VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurial Summit offers an opportunity for businesses to pitch before a panel of angel investors.

Tomorrow, March 1, 2009, is the deadline to apply to compete to become one of the 5 presenting companies.  To do so, company leaders enter company data online using Angelsoft.

summarized the basics here.

I wrote about using the Sample Deal .pdf to create a mock application in Word.

I logged into the CVG Angelsoft site and pasted information in using my Word doc.

Some tips if you're going to do it. 

  • You're allowed to upload a logo.  I've got to find my file.

  • If you click "Submit" before you're done, Angelsoft gives you a nice list of what you're missing.

Here's how far I've gotten in 30 minutes (I'm going to go do circuit training and will work on this again afterwards):

There are 15 errors.

·         One Line Pitch

·         What specifically makes your management team most qualified to build this business?

·         Define your competitive advantage and list barriers to entry.  (only 210 characters allowed!)

·         Previous Capital

·         Monthly Net Burn

·         Premoney Valuation

·         Capital Seeking

·         Revenues for 2008 financial forecast

·         Expenditures for 2008 financial forecast

·         Revenues for 2009 financial forecast

·         Expenditures for 2009 financial forecast

·         Revenues for 2010 financial forecast

·         Expenditures for 2010 financial forecast

·         Business Plan

·         Presentation


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