You Can Transform the World

Sometimes something comes along at just the right time…

From So you want to launch a business…, the blog by Jim Flowers, director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks:

You, yes, you, can change the behavior of a significant number of people through the power of your idea and the strength of your personal commitment.

We all know the powerful examples of how this has been done on a global scale.  All the great religious leaders have done precisely that.  Think about the work of Jesus, Mohammed, and the Buddha. 

On a national political scale we see people like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Mandela, Gandhi, as well as, unfortunately, Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin. 

In the world of industry and commerce, we see Bell, Edison, Ford, Sarnoff, Watson, Gates, and Jobs.

Some of you may aspire to such greatness.  Most probably do not.  But all the same mechanics apply regardless of the size of your “world.”  Your world may be a club, a university, a town, a county, a state, or (since we’re here to talk about entrepreneurship) a selected group of prospective customers.

Interesting.  Let’s call that your capital-M Market.  Your powerful idea is your capital-M Magic.  And the strength of your personal commitment is your MOXIE.  Add a few solid Mentors and you have the Four Fundamental Factors covered.

You’re ready to get serious about launching a business.  You’re ready to transform the world.

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