See Anne Drive the TORC Car. See Anne NOT Almost Drive Off the Smart Bridge.

My husband sent a link to his friends with this subject line:  "See Anne drive.  See Anne almost drive off the Smart Bridge :-)"

Jim Flowers, director of VT KnowledgeWorks, left this comment on the original post on Handshake 2.0: "I sure hope they have an instructor override on that car :-)"

Note the smiley faces.


You can see for yourself that the TORC Technologies car, a ByWire XGV unmanned Ford Escape Hybrid converted to drive-by-wire, is engineered to virtually drive itself.

And you can see for yourself that my driving style with the drive-by-wire remote control is calm, smooth, and skilled on The Smart Road Bridge, the highest bridge in Virginia.

And at 40 miles per hour, I might add.


Anne Clelland of
Drives TORC's ByWire XGV Using Remote Control

Thank you, David Cutter, TORC engineers, and the leadership of TORC Technologies, for giving me a once-in-a-lifetime experience.   

And it's true - you can own your own ByWire XGV.  See Contact Me?  Fill it out and TORC Technologies will give you a quote.

Then you can have a YouTube video done of you driving your own TORC car!

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