In the High-Tech New River Valley, They Are The Power Women – Part 3

This is part three of a three-part series on The Power Women in my world as one of three women-founded member companies of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks. 

Part one featured Lindsey Eversole, Member Services Manager of VT KnowledgeWorksPart two featured Shirley Gillispie, Media Specialist, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

Bethanne Trexell
Office Manager
NewVa Corridor Technology Council (NCTC)

Bethanne Trexell, Office Manager, NCTC, photograph by Becca Marie Photography Bethanne is uncannily savvy about what works and what doesn’t in the series of moments that make up a business interaction.  I have witnessed this most often at early morning NCTC Technology & Toast meetings where un-coffee-ed technology professionals converge at her table for name tags. 

The right words, the right actions, the right answers – no more and no less – flow from Bethanne as she greets attendees by name, selects a name tag while a person is still scanning the A’s, all the while replying, “Yes, he’s here,” “No, I’m sorry, he wasn’t able to be here today,” “Yes, it’s a buffet,” and “Certainly.  I’ll be glad to ask about the air conditioning.” 

Whether I’m in Bethanne’s line at the busy NCTC table, or one-on-one with her in her Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center office, I sense her acute attention to what will work best for me, for my company, and for my goals.  I feel taken very, very seriously.

To be able to help a person be conscious about what she’s doing, why, and how?  That’s power.


As I mentioned in part one of this series, Patricia Handschiegel is writing a twice-per-week, 10-week series on women CEOs for The Huffington Post entitled "The Power Girls."  Her series targets the national and international audience of the top Technorati-rated The Huffington Post

I appreciated her inspiration to think about the The Power Women that shape and lead my own life as a CEO right here in the New River Valley of Virginia.

The Power Women – Lindsey Eversole, Shirley Gillispie, and Bethanne Trexell – have wielded enormous business-building power over the success of my six-month start-up.  To them, I am deeply grateful.

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